Gateway Disc Sports Golf Disc Gateway Factory Second Evolution Sabre Fairway Driver Golf Disc

Gateway Factory Second Evolution Sabre Fairway Driver Golf Disc

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Weight Range: 173-176g

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The Gateway Sabre is our straight stable driver and one of the straightest flying discs on the market. A fast disc with pinpoint accuracy and a predictable finish late in its flight, the Sabre is versatile enough to hold any line for players of all skill levels. While the Sabre is stable enough at high speeds to compare to more overstable discs, it does so without a lot of fade at the end of its flight. Whether you need a straight line, left, or right curve, the Sabre will get you there accurately and reliably.

Manufacturer’s Flight Ratings:
Speed Glide Turn Fade
7 5 -1 1

Joe's Universal Flight Chart:
3.5 -1 +1 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John K
Good disc- Be Aware of Flashing

My first throws with this disc were extremely stable and took a hard fade immediately, which is very unlike a sabre. It was also sharp on both the outside edge and near the bottom of the rim. I found out that this was flashing on the disc, which I carefully removed by lightly sanding just the flashing until it was not sharp to the touch. After removal, it was a pleasure to throw. It went straight or could flip over a bit, but always landed on a gentle fade. It kept this flight path regardless of power on the throw, which let it imitate a midrange nicely. I would recommend it, but be aware if there is flashing, as it will both make it extra stable and a pain to throw.

nicholas shriver
Speed Wobbles

Love gateway, my whole bag is gateway... but the sabre I received seems to have a defect. Flies like it's not balanced. Can't seem to get it past 120 ft it just wants to come apart, starts shaking like an out of balance car tire, like speed wobbles. If you take power off, it won't catch flight at all, just a brick. Called G3T but they didn't seem to care and unwilling to send a replacement. At least it was only 8 bucks. 2 stars