Latitude 64 Golf Discs Bag Black Latitude 64 Easy-Go V2 Backpack Disc Golf Bag
Latitude 64 Golf Discs Bag Blue Latitude 64 Easy-Go V2 Backpack Disc Golf Bag
Latitude 64 Golf Discs Bag Red Latitude 64 Easy-Go V2 Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Latitude 64 Easy-Go V2 Backpack Disc Golf Bag


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You asked. Latitude 64 listened! Their Easy-Go Backpack is finally back in an updated version with new features:
  • Improved ergonomics, the bag will now sit slightly higher on your back.
  • The bag construction has been revised and made more stable.
  • Less disc dividers. Now you can fit two discs in each slot.
  • Zippered cover for the main disc compartment.
  • Lower weight, even better for your back!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good but not great

Pros: easy access to all discs, nice size storage space, very comfortable while carrying, stands up better than I expected. I carry 14 discs without using the top or bottom zipper pockets for discs. They can each easily carry 2-3 more. I carry 2 40oz. Water bottles and have no issues. I also carry a kwik stick. It will be great for winter time storing my excess layers of clothing in the two big zipper pockets.

Cons: I had to add a piece of plastic to the top zipper pocket to keep items from interfering with removing the top discs from the top slot( see pic). There is no interior zipper pocket to secure keys and phone. No key latch either. I don’t like the 2 discs per sleeve, the old one with 1 disc per sleeve was so much easier to use. I wish they would use Grip’s rail style bottom for feet and Grip’s roll up strap for the excess flap to keep it nicer. I don’t like the depth of the side elastic pockets, they are way too deep.

Would I buy it again? Not sure yet. I have a grip g series(perfect other than the amount of discs, 12 is tight), zuca compact (perfect except for traveling and courses that are not cart friendly) and upper park shift (on its way). I believe the Easy Go jwill be great for winter rounds on courses that are not cart friendly.

Brodie Duncan
Great layout

I enjoy being able to see the discs vertically like this. It seems to stay mostly upright when set on the ground, same about as my entry trooper bag. Very light on my back. Makes me be selective when choosing discs for the course which feels healthy as well.