Prodigy Disc Golf Disc Prodigy Factory Second 400 Series M1 Midrange Golf Disc

Prodigy Factory Second 400 Series M1 Midrange Golf Disc



The Prodigy Disc M1 is an extremely reliable midrange disc, designed to be over stable with incredible consistency and control. The M1 is good for all conditions and flies as well into the wind as it does with the wind.

Joe's Universal Flight Chart:
2.5 0 +3 2
Weight Range:
Weight Range: 177-180g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Good deal but a bit uncomfortable to grip

For context - I have a background in playing ultimate and started disc golfing more seriously this year. My max distance is around 400' and I usually shoot around par on intermediate level courses.

I have been missing an overstable midrange in my bag ever since I started playing and decided to give this disc a shot. It turned out to be a fantastic value, but it took some getting used to.
First impressions were very good. The 400 plastic has a bit more grip and flex than Innova's champion and feels great. The only imperfection my disc had was a sliver of the foil was missing. For me, the biggest downside to this disc is how it fits in my hand. The bottom of the rim is quite sharp and deep, making both my backhand and forehand grips more uncomfortable than on my Mako or Comet. Because of this, I am unable to get the tip of my index finger firmly planted on the bottom of the flight plate with my standard grip. This lead to me releasing the disc more nose up than my other mids, which took some getting used to. After a week or so, I cleaned up my release and am able get a nice overstable flight out of this disc. It stays flat before finishing strongly to the left and will go around 250' on a good throw. For context, I am able to throw my Star Mako up to 300'. I still need a bit more practice with it, but overall I've been happy with it.
If you are missing an overstable mid, this disc will work. It wouldn't be my first choice, but at this price it was hard to pass up.