RPM Discs Golf Disc RPM Strata Kea Midrange Golf Disc

RPM Strata Kea Midrange Golf Disc

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RPM has added a stable mid range disc to it’s range. The ‘Cheeky Kea’ as it is known is sure to be a valuable disc in your bag providing true mid range qualities of reliability in any conditions stable flight with a slow speed and a decent glide. The Kea is also an excellent putter in windy conditions.

Manufacturer’s Flight Ratings:
Speed Glide Turn Fade
4 3 0 3

Joe's Universal Flight Chart:

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Disc, Great Flight

I have a few different Kea's in Magma Soft and Atomic, but they were a bit too overstable for what I was looking for. I heard the Strata was less stable and that was true. Disc flies great with a dependable fade at the end. I love it and highly recommend it.

Josh Baysinger
RPM Discs - Kea

The Kea from RPM Discs is a great approach disc. Wether you want to call it a Mid-Range (as marketed by RPM Discs) or a Throwing Putter / Approach Disc, this one will be a staple in your bag. This disc has just enough fade to be considered a good reliable overstable approach disc yet just enough glide to get you where you need to go. As being compared to other overstable approach discs like the Zone, Harp, or Gator, I would say this one is the straightest of them all but still has a good reliable fade. The Kea seems to have more of a forward pushing fade rather than an all out dump of a flight. Yet, with a good angle, you can still get that great quick fade you are looking for. The design to me feels the most similar to an Innova Gator but the Kea is nice and flat area just on the top edge of the disc surrounding the flight plate. The flight plate does have some dome but not a crazy amount of dome. I am currently baging two Keas. One Atomic for a good forward pushing overstable approach disc and then one Magma Soft which to me is absolute money. I can throw it flat on a backhand or sidearm and it will glide super straight and have a nice little dump at the very end of the flight. The Magma Soft Kea is absolutely my favorite “get up and down” approach disc right now. The feel of the Magma Soft plastic is absolutely amazing and in my opinion, second to none, as far as soft approach plastics come. It is more of a rubbery type blend with such amazing grip. If my description of the flight and feel of the plastic don’t make you want a Magma Soft Kea, here is my last selling point… when this thing hits the ground, IT… JUST… STOPS! You don’t have to worry about roll always or crazy skips with the Magma Soft Kea because it will hit and stay within 3-5 feet of where it hits. Such an outstanding approach disc and I don’t ever see it leaving my bag! I already have 2 Magma Soft Kea back-ups just in case!

If you are interested in learning more about the Kea, please consider checking out this playlist with videos all about the RPM Discs Kea: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW_PphhAUBjWO9YNyfkSkng7i55XRYSrt